Friday, July 22, 2005

PP Tom Jackson wins Presidential Award

Past President Tom Jackson has won the 2004-2005 LPDAM Presidential Award. Conferred by Past President Tom Shamshak for continued excellance and service to LPDAM and the PI profession. Tom is a Charter member of LPDAM and the longest continously serving member of the Board of Directors. A well deserved award !!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

We have learned that our LPDAM Vice President, John Lajoie has written a PI book reflecting his experiences as a Massachusetts private investigator. The new book,
Trials & Tribulations of a Real Life Private Eye, hits the stands soon and will be available at on-line book stores in about three weeks

"When John Lajoie approached a bank for a loan to start his private investigation business in 1989, he had trouble convincing anyone he could turn the operation into a success. Less than two decades later, Lajoie owns one of the largest investigative agencies in central Massachusetts and is regarded as one of the nation’s leading private investigators. Now, in Trials and Tribulations of a Real Life Private Eye, Lajoie tells his story, explaining the decisions and actions that allowed him to turn a struggling one-man operation into a successful agency. From the details of his work on high-profile homicides cases and as a member of elite criminal defense teams to the death threats and personal struggles that come with success in a dangerous business, Lajoie describes the reality of the world of private investigation as only an expert can."

Lets give words of support and encouragement to our esteemed brother PI and next LPDAM president. Even better....lets buy his book !!!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


July 19, 2005
New ID theft rules coming
When a batch of credit card numbers goes missing or a hacker invades a credit bureau, potential victims will soon be able to count on getting help faster. Congress will pass an ID theft bill this year that sets a national standard for handling security breaches at financial service firms and elsewhere.
The legislation will also extend existing privacy laws to data brokerages, which collect and sell consumers’ info to other businesses. And stiffer penalties await firms whose security isn’t up to snuff. The crackdown will have some unintended consequences. It’ll be harder to collect debts owed to businesses or individuals, as well as child support and other financial obligations. Investigators often rely on Social Security numbers and other personal info to locate deadbeats.

Monday, July 18, 2005

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NCISS Washington DC Success

NCISS Washington DC Success!
From LPDAM Legislative Chairman Tom Shamshak

Message from NCISS President Brian P. McGuinness -

Many thanks to all who came to Washington D.C. this past week to NCISS' "Hit the Hill" event and our all day Identity Theft Seminar. We had record turnout on Capitol Hill & made some valuable contacts & gained some valuable insight into the current slew of legislation that affects our industry.

Our PR campaign paid off with print media there and television interviews from news teams with CBS and NBC. The NBC interviews aired in CA but the CBS interviews should go national with a related news story and we will advise as to when that occurs. They may wait until a bill is marked up in the next week or so.

Bruce Hulme, our Legislative Chairman and Larry Sabbath, our government affairs consultant are going through all the Congressional Visit sheets now to gauge our progress on the Hill. We will post something very soon as to legislation and how much good was accomplished in Washington.

Thanks to Jon McDowall for spearheading our ID Theft Seminar. He did an outstanding job arranging for an impressive line-up of speakers including representatives from the Secret Service, Dept. of Justice, Federal Trade Commission and his own presentation was very well received. Also, thanks to Bob Heales for handling all the conference and hotel details, it was a first class hotel and the ballroom where the presentations took place was outstanding.

I also want to thank John Stoll, an exonerated former California prison inmate who was incarcerated for over twenty years for a crime he did not commit. John came to Capitol Hill and told his story which involved Sheila Klopper a San Jose CA - based private investigator working for the Northern California Innocence Project. Sheila found two witnesses out of state using SSN searches who later recanted and helped free John twenty years after his conviction. It made for a powerful story and demonstrated our continued need for full access to database searches and SSNs. John and Sheila were interviewed by the media and also met with Congressional staff during our Hit the Hill campaign.

NCISS also moderated the second Data Provider and Private Investigator meeting which preceded our lobbying effort. There were over 20 representatives in attendance. There will be a summary posted soon by Jimmie Mesis from PI Magazine. We are gradually making progress; there were no significant breakthroughs but the effort was worthwhile and will be continued in Las Vegas for a third meeting.

More to come...

Brian P. McGuinness, President
National Council of Investigation and Security Services
Immediate Past President Thomas Shamshak has just returned from a successful trip to Washington DC.

Tom reports; "The lobbying event here in DC went very well. I attended the Investigator - Data Provider roundtable on Wed. I managed to meet with 2 Congressman, and learned that Barney Frank has co-sponsored a bill to give PIs an exemption to the bills limiting access to full SS #'s. I took a few photos for the Journal; I will give you a brief account. Bob Winstanley and Dave Mink also attended."

Even during the summer vacation months the LPDAM leadership is hard at work protecting your interests.